Historiography of Mfecane/Difaqane on 702 FM Radio

By Mocholoko (Dr), Zulumathabo Zulu 702 FM Radio Podcast Yesterday Thursday night August 27, 2020 after 10pm, I was interviewed by an engaging and popular DJ, Aubrey Masango on 702 FM Radio station on the topic of Mfecane/Difaqane. This was a lively and engaging topic that foregrounded history; historiography; metaphysics and cosmology. I received lotsContinue reading “Historiography of Mfecane/Difaqane on 702 FM Radio”

Masters and PhD Opportunities for African Natives

Mocholoko (Dr), Zulumathabo Zulu © 2020 This article consists of two parts namely (1) the New Year of the Basotho and (2) the Masters and PhD study opportunities. We begin with the New Year of the Basotho. The New Year of the Basotho! Today is day three of the New Year in the Basotho calendar!Continue reading “Masters and PhD Opportunities for African Natives”

Mutwa Passing and Sacred Texts

Mutwa Passing and Sacred Texts Mocholoko (Dr), Zulumathabo Zulu © 2020 On Wednesday morning March 25, 2020, I spoke to the Mutwa family and they confirmed that the unbought and the unsold architect of destiny and the formidable legend of Azania (South Africa), Isanusi Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa had passed on. May his beautiful ancestral spiritContinue reading “Mutwa Passing and Sacred Texts”

Mocholoko on Africa Newsroom TV

Mocholoko on Africa Newsroom TV By Mocholoko (Dr), Zulumathabo Zulu © 2019 Please tune in to Africa Newsroom TV on Friday September 27, 2019 at 9:30PM on DSTV Channel 405 wherein I will be discussing the value of African cultural knowledge. The actual show starts at 9PM but I am scheduled for a 9:30PM slot.Continue reading “Mocholoko on Africa Newsroom TV”

The Berated Girls Rising

By Mocholoko (Dr), Zulumathabo Zulu © 2019 The Preamble The Black girls do better than the Black boys in academia; corporate ladder climbing; enterprising or sheer academic performance. This uncontested fact is confirmed by a disproportionally high number of female scholars. Black girls exhibit a higher sense of the moral code and achievement than theirContinue reading “The Berated Girls Rising”

The Divination Bones Revisited!

By Mocholoko (Dr), Zulumathabo Zulu © 2019 Podcast of this article is available at the end of this page. Vasco da Gama, in pains To entrench, colonial chains The landmark, Natalistic! Hereafter, fatalistic! A bludgeon, to the head To take away, the bread Anglo-Dutch rule, exacted! Pregnancy, abbreviated! Clannish baby, obviated! Sacred graves, defaced TheContinue reading “The Divination Bones Revisited!”

Relevance of African Religion Finally!

Relevance of African Religion By Mocholoko (Dr), Zulumathabo Zulu © 2019 Podcast of this broadcast is available at the end of this page. Please tune in on Radio Lesedi FM on Tuesday September 3, 2019 at 9pm on the topic of The Relevance of African Religion and the Challenges thereof. This is happening on theContinue reading “Relevance of African Religion Finally!”