The Divination Bones Revisited!

By Mocholoko (Dr), Zulumathabo Zulu © 2019

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Vasco da Gama, in pains
To entrench, colonial chains
The landmark, Natalistic!
Hereafter, fatalistic!
A bludgeon, to the head
To take away, the bread
Anglo-Dutch rule, exacted!

Pregnancy, abbreviated!
Clannish baby, obviated!
Sacred graves, defaced
The motherland, raped
Resisters, exterminated
The clan, miseducated
To remain, forever duped!

Contextual Commentary

The Divination Bones

We cast, the divination bones; not the physical bones but the electronic bones! The virtual bones of African metaphysical science! They use numerical logic because they represent the mathematical modeling of the stars of the heavens; giving us cosmic access to the strategic knowledge of science to facilitate the great decolonization project so that it can succeed.

mocholoko keynote address at Nkukumuwi

Mocholoko, Zulumathabo Zulu delivering a keynote address at Nkukumuwi gathering near the Lanseria International Airport.

Picture credit: Sefale Montsi of the African Origin of Philosophy whatsapp forum.

The Message of Divination

There is a special message from the cocreators of the galaxies; the erudite ancestors who have gone before and the gods of the cosmos via the beloved messenger Mamchofono of Tosamasiu to take a page from the cell membrane of the neuron.

The cell membrane has voltage gates that allow the cell to learn about the new changes in the environment but these gates are closed as a default case of defensive resistance; commonly known as a depolarised state.

To overcome the resistance, the experimental scientist must deliver a positive charge in the form of an exoteric stimulus to open the gates of the membrane to change the esoteric mindset of the neuron.

The Mixed Research Method

To succeed, this necessitates a mixed method of qualitative and quantitative experimentation. The qualitative method demonstrates the resistance as comprised by a negative electric charge which keeps the voltage gates of the ion channels closed using reverse polarity.

The quantitative method quantifies the resistance as anywhere from -40mV to -100mV with an average resistance of -70mV. The experimental scientist does not need to eliminate the entire resistance. Yena only needs to reduce the fraction of the resistance to open the voltage gates. Yena can deliver as little as 15mV; 30mV or a little more of a positive charge. The voltage gates will open where the positive charge was received by the cell membrane.

The Voltage Gates of the Mind

This is only one part of the equation from the side of the revolutionary change agents who are making a good faith attempt to open the voltage gates of the mind with respect to the new imperative of decolonisation.

There is another side of the equation with respect to the processing of the stimulus by the neuron. After the positive charge is delivered, it must be processed and conducted along the myelinated axon of the cell using fast processing because the segment of the timeline is extremely slender!

The Diameter of the Mind

The question of the diameter of the axon is an important strategy using the African Hermetic principle of mentalism. The diameter of the axon must be increased so that the signal of the positive charge can be conducted and propagated with a high degree of efficacy.

We are talking here about the diameter of the mind that it must be opened and increased for the survival benefit of all humans of all backgrounds in all corners of the motherland so that the future generations can walk on bridges built by those who have gone before them and never more to be crushed; to be brutalised and to be exterminated by the vestiges of the Anglo-Dutch descended settler colonial past.

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