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By Mocholoko, Zulumathabo Zulu © 2019

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The Preamble

This article serves to notify you that the Mponeng desert book The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence has just gotten published on the massive Amazon platform! Yippee! This is an important milestone. We heard you that you wanted to access our books on Amazon and now it is happening that you can now find us on Amazon. This is the fulfilment of the 2019 Resolution to have the book of Mponeng on Amazon. The book is now live on the Amazon publishing platform! Badimo ke bao! Thokoza Makhosi!

You can view the book; see inside the book; read my biography; watch a video of my television interview on SABC TV3 Afternoon Express in Cape Town and purchase the book by clicking on the following link:

The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence

About the Book – The Description

The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence describes the African desert flower Mponeng in a harsh environment setting but without allowing herself to be defined or overruled by the harsh environment. The book is inspired by two African deserts namely (1) Kgalagadi (Kalahari) Desert of Botswana and (2) Namib Desert of Namibia.


The book imparts five classes of interstellar wisdom from the African ancients namely (1) the maxims of the desert flower; (2) the maxims of transcendence; (3) the maxims of cosmology (4) the maxims of philosophy and (5) the maxims of numerical logic from the ancient African calculator of Moruba. These maxims exist for our benefit to upgrade and to enrich the GRR (General Resistance Resources) and other aspects of coping resources to enhance our survival experience when faced with adverse conditions beyond our control.

The unconquerable desert flower can stay in the stifling underground without water for extended lengths of time with enough flexibility; resources and robustness to outlast, to outshine and to defeat the destructive underground microorganisms; the cruel forces of decomposition and other deleterious effects of extreme adversity. The African desert flower is optimised to enhance its survival experience regardless. This mystical strategy holds great teachings for humanity with respect to the need to enhance our survival experience in the terrestrial space that poses an impressive threat to our sense of rational sanity and personal stability.

The literary style uses the synergy of analytical prose and contextual verse to scientifically underpin the exigent and the ethical principles of philosophical transcendence to buttress the mental toughness and the personal stability of those who want the world to be a better place for all humanity.

The Desert Flower

The parched grounds of the African desert are characterised by excessive sand; excessive heat; excessive water shortage and excessive winds. In the midst of this unrelenting adversity, a fragile plant is spotted showing some green and the question has to be asked: How is it possible that a fragile desert plant produces unblemished beauty when all odds are brutally stacked against it? Does the desert plant have access to a secret source that recharges its batteries of resilience and the level-headed thinking to be able to showcase the incredible fact that it is feasible to be a breathtaking beauty in spite of an antagonistic situation that asphyxiates the spirit of resilience? Does this make the desert flower a contrarian? Does the desert flower have some ancient secret code that enables it to remain undefined in the adverse conditions? It is through these lines of inquiry that we learn about the principles that enable the desert flower to refuse to be defined by adverse conditions.

The Transcendence

The book goes on to describe the philosophy of transcendence as the main theme. The African philosophy of transcendence is linked to the knowledge of the cosmos by the African ancients who teach us the principles of transcendence; the moral code and the tenacity, revealing to us the majestic attributes that empower a worthy organism to transcend the perturbations of the terrestrial space.

Finally, to give you the foretaste of the ethos of African philosophical transcendence, here is an excerpt from a contextual literary piece Venturesome Kisses as follows:

“Forbidden grounds of love cast their spell. The naivety of love sweetens the love that exists like a desert flower. Deprived of water, the flower waits underground until, when the rains fall, it springs to life, knowing that the rain will soon be gone”.

Request for Review

As a reader of The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence, you are hereby requested with all humility to consider writing a short review on the Amazon platform describing your reading experience of the book. This will help a lot as it will enhance the survival experience of Mponeng on the massive jungle of Amazon. If you have not read the book, grab the book on the Amazon store; read it and then return to Amazon to write a review about the book. Siyabonga ka khulu! Thokoza Makhosi!

The Future School

When you purchase my books, you are making a valuable contribution towards my effort to build a school so that these great teachings of the ancients can be preserved and taught to the future generations. For this reason, please help me to build an African school to empower the African child. Siyabonga ka khulu! Badimo ke bao! Thokoza Makhosi!

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