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My Genesis

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa but have lived in eight countries and three continents for the most part of my life; almost half of the continents of the world! I speak more than eight languages. My parents met as a result of the apartheid system of migrant labour. My grandmother Josephine Zulu left KwaZulu-Natal as a young woman in search of economic opportunities in the city of gold and my grandfather Hlathi ka Mfene also left Eastern Cape as a young man in search of economic opportunities. They met each other in Johannesburg. My Mosotho mother who had also come to Johannesburg as a young woman from the Free State province met my father here in Johannesburg where I was born by an ethnically mixed family.


This is me (behind white guy in the middle) with the great Canadians in the Cuban city of Santiago de Cuba thanks to the venerable El Salvador. Infinitas gracias mi amiga! Tu eres muy amable! La lucha continua en la jungla! No rendirse! Nunca jamas! The languages spoken here include Zulu, Sesotho, English, Spanish and French. The guy in blue (left) is my native Spanish drill instructor. The Black guy on the front right is a celebrated Cuban soldier who fought during the Angola-South Africa War between 1987 and 1988 under the direction of General Fidel Castro. The apartheid forces were defeated in that war at Cuito Cuanavale in Angola which led to the independence of Namibia and then later South Africa.

I graduated as a Journalist and Professional Writer in 1984 from England and then in 1985 worked for the South African Broadcasting Corporation as a Television Journalist. I worked for a feminist organization Black Sash under its leader Sheena Duncan as a field worker in a small town of Botshabelo. After delivering a fiery and revolutionary poetry at the Women’s Liberation Conference at the University of Witwatersrand in August 1987, I became exiled into Botswana. I immigrated to Canada in 1989 where I pursued university studies in Computing Science and Mathematics. I also graduated from a certified publishing program where I studied graphic arts, printing, typography, darkroom techniques, desktop publishing and more. I worked as a software engineer for more than 20 years before returning to South Africa in 2010. Some of the companies I worked for include Bell Northern Research, Nortel Networks, Google Inc., Xwave Solutions, Gameworkz, Health Canada, Montage IT Services, among others. I hold intellectual property certificates issued to me by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office as a result of my technological innovations in the knowledge domains of Thekwini Visual Canvas (therapeutics), cryptography, digital forensics, color change persistence, Emofeel (diagnostics), among others.

They say when I was a baby, I was born with a pen in my hand. Writing has truly turned out to be my sacred mission on this terrestrial globe. I have thus far published more than eight books, written more than 12 books and produced hundreds of unpublished manuscripts. Some of the books and articles (including unpublished) comprise Sesotho Dictionary of Mathematics, African Origin of Mathematics, The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert, The Philosophy of the Triangle, A Woman in the Bush, Ontological States of the Object, African Telegraphy and Indigenous Innovation, The Basotho Origin of Mathematics, The Numerical Logic of the Basotho, African Philosophy of Coexistentialism and a whole lot more!

My Mission in Life                 

To make the world a better place. My methods include technological innovation; producing new knowledge; researching, writing and publishing; being a master of my own destiny; sharing African philosophy of science and cosmic knowledge with the people of the world. Through this knowledge sharing, I hope to make the world a better place than I found it to be when I landed here as a fragile existence. I am a great believer in the ethical sense of higher purpose. To make the world a better place, we need to be pure in thoughts, motivations, heart and physique.  This also means abstaining from certain consumption patterns that undermine the purity of the spirit. The reason for the prerequisite purity is that this is the work of the African ancestors and they only connect and communicate with us on the basis of sanctity of mission and cosmic resonance. The higher the ethical standard of personal sanctity, the greater is our connectedness with the erudite ancestors and the great creator.

The Mission of this Blog

The mission of Zulumathabo on the Internet 2.0 is to provide a publishing platform whereby the people of the world can learn more accurately about what the beautiful African continent has to offer in terms of originality and authenticity of knowledge to the planet earth. I work on the ground with the elders, medicine women, medicine men and other domain knowledge experts to ensure that the knowledge produced on these pages are accurate, authentic and original and represent the best that Africa has to offer to the world. We also want the new generation to be inspired and energized by this knowledge.


18 thoughts on “About

  1. Great work. Let US light up Afrika to make visible the indelible crevices hoarding the pure and true purpose of man. The whole world will see and be stunned.


    1. Dear Tsepang,

      Well said Lekotswana. The African continent holds rich and deep secrets of knowledge and through these sacred pages we can share that knowledge with the world.



      1. Dear brother Onguso,

        Your positive feedback is appreciated! We do this for future generations so that they are inspired by the intellectual achievements of the erudite ancestors who have gone before them.

        Siyabonga (many thanks)


  2. The story of Zulumathabo is a really inspiring one. I’m amazed by how common our interests are: the african origins of mathematics (I’ve read a lot about Anta Diop’s writings), technology integration within maths education (after A B.Sc at Fort Hare I did a comprehensive diploma in programming. I also wrote an article on maths in Africa in a Nelson Mandela University newsletter (looking foward to your PE visit). I am translating the software GeoGebra into isiXhosa presently and I am concerned / doing PHD studies on language issues in maths. I also have an interest in mathematical games, puzzles, tips and tricks.

    God Bless
    Vuyani Matsha (Maths Education Lecturer at NMMU)


    1. Dear Vuyani,

      Nda vuya kakhulu ngemibhalo yakho. I am glad about the shared interests. We need more of you to advance the cause of true emancipation using African knowledge systems, mathematical sciences and technology.

      Masihlangane futhi mandiza lapho.

      Siyabulela ka khulu


    2. Camagu Vuyani. This is years later but how did your PHD on translating GeoGebra go? I use it currently for my undergrad courses and I would love to use a Xhosa version of it.
      Thokoza NkuluNkulu uZulumathabo. I’ve just learned about you on GEK a couple of minutes ago and I got very excited and searched you. With that said I would love to have a conversation with you. There is a lot, I feel your brain can put into perspective for me and where I am as an African scientist.
      Ndi bamba ngazo zozbini,
      Vuyile Sixaba
      Theoretical Physics PhD Candidate (Rhodes University)
      Applied Mathematics Lecture (University of Johannesburg)


  3. Dear Doctoral Researcher Vuyile Xaba,

    Thank you for sharing your erudite and Africanist commentary. It is appreciated and well received by me.

    I liked your Africanist approach with respect to mathematical sciences and your research on theoretical physics. This is like sunshine to me!

    You are jogging my memory about an old scientific manuscript that I intend to publish on African metaphysical science. The focus of this paper is on the quantum reality at macroscale. I am not trained as a Physicist but I am trained as a metaphysical scientist and it is from this metaphysical case of reality that my article is based upon.

    We can arrange to visit my office. I shall be in touch and good luck on your research.

    Siyathokoza Makhosi!


    1. Blessed NkuluNkulu,

      Ndiya themba ni philile mntu o mkhulu.

      I wanted to first thank you for the inspiration. I have truly been inspired by the space you’ve put together for young inquisitive minds like us to find knowledge and nurture our thirst for the truth of our people however crude it may be to some. I found myself coming back to your website with every update and I thought to myself why don’t I create my own and also share the voices in my head. That’s what I did with ssamoraam.com .

      Secondly, I want to thank you again for sparking something in me to actually race to finish this Quantum Gravity research I’ve been working on so we can have an even greater conversation when I do eventually come and visit. Please find my article on my website, I think I’m finished with it now (with that concluding my PhD). I would’ve mailed you but I can’t find your email anywhere online.

      Camagu ancient being, continue being a pillar of light.

      Vuyile Sixaba


      1. Dear Vuyile Sixaba,

        I am highly honoured to hear from you!

        You are too kind to share these powerful words of inspiration. In the process you are recharging my African spiritual batteries so that I can continue to do what the ancients have commissioned me to do. Siyabonga ka khuku mfowethu omuhle! I look forward to reading your impressive work. Here is my email address to send to:


        Note the .ca stands for Canada.

        Siyathokoza Makhosi amahle!
        Mocholoko Dr. Zulumathabo Zulu


  4. Thokoza Makhosi! kea e tshaba taba, kere “Pele eya Pele” Mocholoko! Le ha ele hona ke kopanang le di podcast tsena tsahao, ke ithutile tse ngata. Ke leboha Modimo Le Badimo ha ba re hlohonolofaditse ka wena re le Bana Ba Thari lefatsheng lena la rona la Azania ka nako ena ya tshenolo (Age of the Aquarius) ha ene Pula! Thokoza Makhosi amakhulu!


    1. Mohlomphehi e motle! Rethabela mantswe ao amatle! Hoyakgahlisa hore le wena oya ameha ditabeng tsa Bonkgono le Bontatemoholo. O refa matla hore le rona rekgothale!

      Siyathokoza Makhosi!


  5. Hello Zulumathabo – I heard your interview on SAFM in discussion about the mathematics ‘hidden’ in the indigenous languages that capture or relate to the cosmology of that group and then reflect in the mind set of beliefs….. This interests me. Have you published a book on this.. If so where can I purchase it? This science of formative forces behind words is essential to our understanding of learning/experiencing and meeting one another and our relationship to the natural material world. Thank you for sharing your journey. I too study cosmology and invisible forces that manifest through the essential life forces.



    1. Dear Avice Hindmarch,

      Your interest in our research outputs is appreciated! Thank you also for sharing your impressive journey. I am also interesting in your research journey. I have not yet unified all my works but that is in progress. I suggest two books from my side namely (1) The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence (I read from this on SAFM Radio) and (2) Kgolaboloko: African Roots of Cosmic Genesis. They are available through Amazon or through our research office.
      Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Zulumathabo-Zulu/e/B07NBS419H/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1

      You can also reach Madisebo University Research Institute 010 003 7769.

      Siyathokoza Makhosi!


  6. Dear Zulumathabo and Dear Avice,
    I get you both. Avice as my longtime mentor in working with soil and gardens, farming and the human heart, and you Zulumathabo as a pioneer of African potential. I salute you both for your contributions to the world. In my being you are not two, but one. What you stand for settles as one way of being within me. For this I honour you both.


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