How To Transcend The Adverse Conditions

Zoom Lecture: How To Transcend The Adverse Conditions: To Shake Off The Funks and The Negative Mood States

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Defensive Tools of Kowtow
By Mocholoko Dr. Zulumathabo Zulu © 2021

the coast was cogent from the tree,
attention to detail, like Cree!
He descended to hunt for prey
Hidden danger like a snake in the grass
The grassland like bittersweet
To cross paths with mighty lions
To make him pay for transgressions

to kowtow was instinctive,
to disguise like submissive.
Kowtows defensively tooled
To plead no contest like schooled
Hitherto, confused cerebra
Hereafter, pounced like coiled cobra
To correct the unjust charge sheet

Contextual Commentary

The uncharted terrain of a lone hunter, the great protagonist Nkwe (African leopard), was plotting well like on a flawless graph paper until the graphical sequence was befallen by a snag of discontinuity when he was intercepted by the abrupt appearance of the killing machines of the mighty lions in the Savannah of Mother Afrika. This Nkwe story is characterised herein by a triad of (1) the dangerous intercept; (2) the harsh ground and (3) the fluid dynamics of extreme resilience.

The mighty lion King got what he more than bargained for when he intercepted the great protagonist of survivability Nkwe (African leopard) forcing the mighty lion King to think a thousand times before making the next move. Instead of his usual aggressive moves, the lion King makes evasive moves to avoid injury. Picture Credit: Power Animals, Youtube.

The Dangerous Intercept

The graph segment of your mathematics book talks about the intersect of lines. This is a case of two linear equations wherein you have to determine if they share a common point. A common point between simultaneous equations is known as an intersect. The intersect is also known as an intercept if it crosses the axis line. If the intersect does not exist with respect to the equations or axis line then it means the lines of the simultaneous equations do not cross.

If you are in the jungle and the intersect between you and the nemesis is zero, it is a good thing because it means your paths do not cross. You do not want to cross paths with the predators of the jungle. In the African jungle the intersect is synonymous with being intercepted by danger.

The great Nkwe was not so lucky. His trajectory and that of the lions shared an intersect and that placed him on a collision course with his nemesis. It was not the plan of Nkwe to share a common point with the lions but this is something Nkwe had no control over. It is for this reason that The Prayer of The Intercept in the jungle is most pertinent as shown below:

The Prayer of the Intercept

Like a bird with broken wings
I pray for the cosmic rings
To thwart the intercept
That resulted in broken wings
To heal my broken wings
To strengthen my wings
To sharpen my beak
That I may rise with vertical lift
like the effortless Seagull that rises
unimpeded by the terrestrial intercept”

The Harsh Ground

Like a rapid sequence of a lightning flash and the subsequent deafening of the thunderbolt, Nkwe was hit as if by a sledge hammer and tackled to the ground in what Basotho philosophers describe as “Lerole la dikatse tse kgolo” meaning the blinding dust of the big cats. Everything happened with such lightning speed that his counterstrike was not enough to reverse the advances of the nemesis. This is exactly the unenviable situation in which the ancestors of the African Natives found themselves when the lightning speed of colonial conquest hit them like a thunderbolt.

This Nkwe situation was like the great Albatros being intercepted by unruly winds as described in the book The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence in a literary piece Unruly Winds as shown below:

To descend like resized
Meteoric rise like chastized
The albatross defeats great winds
Yet unruly winds reappear
Like a fresh challenge from the rear”

In spite of the situation in which he finds himself, the great protagonist Nkwe must engender a new way to overcome the unruly situation as a metaphysical case of do or die!

The Fluid Dynamics of Extreme Resilience

He gathered his thoughts with respect to the rebound and the exit strategy on the harsh ground assisted by his strong recuperating skills. When the lion king tried to pin him down to tear him apart, Nkwe hit the lion king on the face with a vicious side swipe forcing the lion king to back away on a back foot. Like a lightning flash, Nkwe rose to his educated feet powered by his superior athletic and intellectual prowess. The members of the lion clan were awestruck by such an agile resurgence from setback.

Like a contrarian, the masterful Nkwe staged a ritualised repertoire of submissive behaviour patterns as a mark of respect to the lion society as if to make a vital point that he meant no disrespect to the sacrosanct space of the lion society and pleaded no contest to the rules. While the attention of the lion society was arrested by this ritualistic display of humility, the great Nkwe bared his fearsome teeth to make the necessary point that he boasted deadly weapons in the situation and would vigorously resist to the death any further humiliation; indignity and abuse against him. This litany of ritualistic behaviour patterns forced the lion king to think a thousand times before making the next move to the great Nkwe teaching us to resist those who seek to subjugate us and to extract fealty from us.

We give massive thanks to the erudite African ancestors and the griot professors who inspire us in this way so that we can retake our inalienable position as the unbought and unsold architects of destiny and to vibrate as we were intended to vibrate unimpeded by the intercepts of the terrestrial space.

From the book Sesotho Dictionary of Mathematics in a literary piece The Crossing To The Other Side we read the following about the great Zebra that must defeat the fearsome crocodiles in the crossing of the dangerous African river:

The colossal crocodiles lie in ambush
To destroy those easy to fleece
Yet a diligent zebra’s kick is fierce
To crush ambushing jaws to fragments
Never more to be victimized by the ambush
Unperturbed by those bewitching the mind”

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Zulu, Z. (2014). The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence. Madisebo University College Press: Johannesburg.

Zulu, Z. (2014). A Woman In The Bush. Madisebo University College Press: Johannesburg.

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