Decolonising Psychology

By Mocholoko Dr. Zulumathabo Zulumathabo © 2021

Listen To SAFM Radio Podcast at the End of this Article

On Tuesday March 2, 2021 I was interviewed by the great DJ and a legend in his own right Stephen Grootes of SAFM Radio about decolonising psychology. I shared a platform with an erudite Unisa (University of South Africa) Professor of Psychology Puleng Segalo. It is noteworthy that it is not the first time sharing a stage with Professor Puleng. We shared a platform in 2018 at the 7th Africa Century International African Writers Conference (ACIAWC) as shown below:

Radio Host, Stephen Grootes of SAFM Radio

At this radio interview Professor Puleng broke the ground as the first speaker and I spoke afterwards as a concluding speaker. Professor Puleng argued persuasively that African principles of rituals; ollective grieving and methods of healing should be centered in the discipline of psychology.

Professor Puleng Segalo, Professor of Psychology speaking at University of South Africa.

While Professor Puleng made excellent points about the operational knowledge of psychology and the need for Africanisation, I extended the horizons of the discourse by injecting new ideas from knowledge engineering to focus attention on the use cases of psychology such as the design principles; the idealistic system; the cardinality of the system of logic and how the African taxonomy of healing like botanical medicine; volcanic medicine and ritualistic medicine can contribute novel ideas in the decolonisation of psychology so that a re-engineered discipline of psychology can produce the much needed efficacy of healing for all humankind.

Without further ado listen to the pidcasts below:

Mocholoko Dr. Zulumathabo Zulu, Research Scientist and Director of Madisebo University Research Institute

Professor Puleng Segalo, Professor of Psychology at University of South Africa.

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Research Scientist and Director: Madisebo University Research Institute. Metaphysical Scientist; African Philosopher; Software Engineer, Published Author, Inventor, Lexicographer, Intellectual Historian and Contextual Poet.

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