The Deep State

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By Mocholoko, Zulumathabo Zulu © 2019

Cosmic resonance, edited
Cosmic genesis, deleted
Unable to retrace, the source!
Sustenance, like undertow
To persuade them, to kowtow
African knowing, is cosmic
To reenergise, like seismic

The humans, must reconnect
To defer doosmday, now erect
Gatekeepers, of the deep state
Override, the electorate
To bring us to the brink
Hitherto, Manning besieged
Hereafter, the truth like bleached

Contextual Commentary.

The highly adaptive desert flower Mponeng is faced with a cruel choice, namely (1) to persevere above ground or (2) to go underground. To remain above ground or to go underground is the mother of all iterations. It looks like a choice but an adulterine choice like an XOR engineering mechanism of logic in which the two positive alternatives evaluate to nothingness.

On the one hand, the above ground is harsh wherein the unrelenting sun rays; the parched ground and the trecherous winds reduce the survival experience of the organism. On the other hand, the underground that promises to enhance the survival experience of the organism, harbours the draconian masters of decomposition. The highly disciplined Mponeng can survive the cruel underground provided she adheres to the stringent counter measures of the African moral code of Ditaelo (Imiyalelo; The Organizing Principles) to eliminate the chaos that kills.

Like Kgomo Ya Moshate (Inkomo Ye Bandla; A Metaphysical Case of Antagonistic Contradiction), the iterated alternatives are analogous to a tragic exercise of Sophie’s Choice. Convincingly, the choice is packaged as a democratic choice. Nevetheless, the democratic choice is a brutal case of a false account of available alternatives.

The eloquent promise of democracy has delivered a trecherous stillbirth. The expected beautiful ones are not in the pipeline except for the curse of oil that flows like blood. The brave and the erudite resisters have no choice but to agitate with tenacity for another viviparious landing for the beautiful ones to emerge from the emancipating pipeline.

Like the unconquerable African buffalo who refuses to be subjugated by the invading force of the mighty lions in the grasslands, the resister is neurotic about the supreme honour to disallow subjugation for the survival benefit of the future generations. In this way, the resisters of foreign occupation can vibrate as they were intended to vibrate as the inalienable architects of their sacrosanct destiny as it was intended to be in accordance with the erudite ancestors who have gone before them.


Clipart Credit: website

In the meanwhile, the indefatigable desert flower Mponeng remains underground to engage in remote sensing for the cosmic manifestation of the beautiful rain. When the much awaited rain does fall, she catapults into an overactive instance of effervescent sentience to internalise the evanescent rain in the succulents knowing that the irresistible rain does not sojourn for long.

Thus, the indefatigable Mponeng must rely on three African axioms, namely (1) the stringent counter measures of the moral code; (2) the enterprising spirit of transcendence and (3) the state of productive readyness to solve the elusive puzzle of extreme scarcity that threatens to reverse the gains she has made.

Notes About Chelsea Manning

chelsea manning credit wikipedia

Ms. Chelsea Manning, former military officer in the US army. Picture credit: AFP (Wikipedia).

Human rights activist; press freedom advocate and former military officer in the US army Chelsea Manning, mentioned herein, was indefinitely imprisoned in the State of Virginia on March 8, 2019 for refusing to testify in a secret court with respect to her role in publishing military secrets in 2010 on the Wikileaks platform of Julias Assange. She was expected to testify against Julias Assange but she refused to do so in secret. The secret court interpreted her refusal to testify as a contempt of court for which she was jailed. She is willing to testify in a public court proceeding for the benefit of the American people whose tax dollars were used by the political establishment to finance the American invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq in 2001 and 2003 respectively.

It is noteworthy that Virginia is the first British North American colony to be established in 1607 in Jamestown. Virginia is also the first place where the principles of racial slavery and Whiteness as a racial classification, were legally established by the English colonists and slave masters in 1640 in the case of three runaway servants, namely (1) a Dutch; (2) a Scott and (3) an African. Prior to British North America, the principle of racial slavery and the use of White as a race reference did not exist. Even the Roman Empire, a predecessor to the British Empire, did not practice the concept of racial slavery. I trace the history of Whiteness in my book The White Establishment.


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