Censoring The Experience

By Mocholoko, Zulumathabo Zulu
Doctoral Practitioner; Metaphysical Scientist and Cosmologist

These sacred pages of the erudite ancestors who have gone before us are dedicated to the highly muzzled Basotho people in the Free State province of South Africa. These honourable and peaceful people continue to suffer the unmitigated brutality and the indignity in the unassailable hands of those who seek to subjugate them in spite of the advent of the 1994 political dispensation. Even the democratic government of South Africa is not able to protect them. Badimo ke bao! Thokoza Makhosi!

To censor, the experience
To suppress, the reference
Yet experience does not lie
It narrates the metaphysical
Inner pain of experience
Rises, like effervescence
Unmindful, of consequence

The perpetual pain, exists!
Like engendered, by sexists!
The violated, threatened
Never to disclose, the truth
Underground, like cicada
Enlightens, like Makeda
Unrestrained, by the muzzle

Contextual Commentary

A sanctified and canonized African legend with blue eyes Escrava Anastacia of the Umbanda people of Brazil and by extension Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, America, Caribbean, Cuba and Africa was a medicine woman and a facilitator of the illegal escape of the enslaved African descendants in the extreme and punishing slave plantations of Brazil in South America in the 18th century.


The unconquerable spirit of the canonized legend Escrava Anastacia of Brazil.

Escrava’s mother Delminda had come to the Americas on a West African slave ship of destiny Madalena which docked at Bahia on April 9, 1740. Delminda was resold to another slave master Joaquina Pompeu after her first slave master Rodrigues Velho discovered she had fallen pregnant after raping her. Escrava was born on March 5th.

Delminda’s daughter Escrava grew up like an incredible desert flower Mponeng and matured into the most beautiful woman on the planet with unbelievable blue eyes. Lots of White women became envious of the stunning beauty of Escrava and did all kinds of cruel acts to demean; to trash and to dehumanise her.

When the indefatigable Escrava vigorously and consistently rebuffed the sexual advances of her slave master’s son Antonio, she paid a high price of punishment.

 Escrava was brutalized and subsequently fitted with a heavy; searing and cruel iron collar that dug into her soft neck. A muzzle that prevented her words of self-determination and rebellion from coming out was also retrofitted, thus slamming shut her emancipating powers.

 The defenceless and vulnerable Escrava later died from tetanus that progressively developed as a result of the heavy iron collar on her neck but her unconquerable spirit lived on like the indomitable spirit of the great legend Nehanda of Zimbabwe who was executed at the cruel gallows of the English imperialists.

In spite of the Roman Catholic Church proclamation of 1987 (when I became exiled) which declared  Escrava Anastacia non-existent, her unchained and transcendental African spirit continues to exist and to inspire and does not metaphysically depend on the political establishment of the Catholic Church to exist. Moreover, the slave masters were Catholics who paid their dues and thus the Church is highly motivated to suppress the African ancestral truth that exists.

Herein, we pay deserved tribute to the erudite ancestors who have gone before us so that we can pick up where they left off to fight tenaciously for a flawless execution of the last mile of permanent liberation. Thus, the African ancients shall be satisfied knowing that the African descendants eventually defeated those who sought to subjugate them. Badimo ke bao! Thokoza Makhosi!


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Published by Zulumathabo

Research Scientist and Director: Madisebo University Research Institute. Metaphysical Scientist; African Philosopher; Software Engineer, Published Author, Inventor, Lexicographer, Intellectual Historian and Contextual Poet.

3 thoughts on “Censoring The Experience

    1. Makhosi! Thank you for the prompt reaction to the writings of the ancestors! It is heartening and gratifying to share your impressions about this literary piece. It is people like you that give us the inspirational strength to buck the trend for the advancement of the sacrosanct mission of the ancestors.

      I was anointed in the village of Matamong in the Eastern Free State at a very young age to embark on this mission of cosmology for the survival benefit of the African descendants on Mother Afrika and the Diaspora. I was especially made for this mission and none will do this better than me. When my mission is completed, I shall depart for the star system of Tosamasiu hence a sense of journey is heavy upon me to complete the task within the segment of the timeline.

      The pain you are referring to was not there when I was delivering this baby. It was like, I was on anaesthesia of ancestral inspiration so that the baby was delivered painlessly. It was after the delivery of the baby had been completed that I began to sob excessively after the anasthesia had done its job. It was then that the labour pains began to arrest my joyful experience of having given birth to a new baby. This experience is like the cosmic movement of the moon which rotates in an anticlockwise direction. The same phenomenon is also the case with the mighty Zambezi river that flows in an anticlockwise direction.

      Siyabonga ka khulu! Badimo ke bao! Thokoza Makhosi!


  1. I appreciate you and thank you for being a vessel that carries such beautiful and empowering words of which we (I ) wouldn’t have known of had it not been for your gifts.
    Makhosi amahle


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