Zulumathabo on SABC3 TV

By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2017

Zulumathabo Zulu wa Makotswana noMalandela.

Dear friends some of you have requested me to inform you when I am on media or speaking at a gathering. This serves to inform you that I am scheduled to be interviewed on SABC3 on the show Afternoon Express on Monday September 25, 2017. Please tune in as this will be carried live from Cape Town. 

This will  Focus on my pioneering work on African Origin of Knowledge and aspects of my biographical experiences. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about me.

Siyabonga ka khulu! Thokoza Makhosi! 

Published by Zulumathabo

Research Scientist and Director: Madisebo University Research Institute. Metaphysical Scientist; African Philosopher; Software Engineer, Published Author, Inventor, Lexicographer, Intellectual Historian and Contextual Poet.

9 thoughts on “Zulumathabo on SABC3 TV

    1. The great and beloved Professor Vildana Stanisic-keller of my great Carleton University in the great City of Ottawa, it is a great honour and pleasurable conviviality to hear from you. Your impressions are greatly appreciated and mean a lot me; to be forever cherished by me.

      I respect and honour greatly your indefatigable spirit in making Canada your great home. I still have lots of nostalgic feelings about the great Canadians who extended their love and hospitality to me by granting access of sanctuary that injected mood stabilization into my life so that I could on with life to do greater things that benefit all humanity in the terrestrial globe that we trot.

      Siyabonga ka khulu (we are the grateful ones)


  1. thanks for letting me know i will be tuned in to hear


    i see you are writing so much and your poetry is wonderful

    Best always




    1. Dear sister Lesley,

      Thank you so much. The spirit of the erudite ancestors, who have gone before us, has descended upon me hence this buzz of literary activity. I am actually behind in terms of my schedule for increased knowledge production and dissemination, having been set back by hospitalization but we are bouncing back to chart the liberated path of the ancients within the segment of the timeline that has been kindly extended to us by the merciful gods of the cosmos.

      Siyabonga ka khulu


  2. “Re ngoatha Thaba hanyane” everytime I get a chance to listen to you, I reflect to myself and I begin to appreciate myself more because I realise “Ha ke tsebe letho”
    Re leboha likakapa tse kholo
    “Ea khaola ea ea ……!!!!”


    1. Kgaitsedi ekgabane. Raboka ka mantswe ao a matle le hore mesebetsi ya rona ya dikakapa tse kgolo eya thophothela. Bring ba ditaba tsena barometse rona bacholoko bateng hotla dimanolla. Haobe jwalo ka hosafeleng. Thokoza Makhosi!


    2. Dear Libopuoa!

      Thank you for taking the time to share your sentiments and deep felt thoughts about these sacred pages of the ancestors. We give thanks when you vibrate as you were meant to vibrate as a result of these sacred pages.

      Raboka dikgomo le manamane! Sabonga izinkomo namankonyana! To venerate the sacrosanct cows of the ancestors! Thokoza Makhosi!
      Zulumathabo Zulu.


  3. Ntumelle ke o lebohe ho menahane hle Moholwane. Ke o rolela kgaebana ka mosebetsi wa hao o kgahlisang hona ha haesale. Tsebo le bohlale ba bontata rona moholo di qhelelwa kwana, mme nyediso e kaalo e nyotobetsa maikutlo. Pele ya pele!

    Ka boikokobetso, ke boka dikgomo.


    1. Ngwaneso ya hlomphehang Mpho!

      Relebohela ha moretheto wa ditaba tsa baholo ofinyella ka howena le wena o ameha. Ka mantswe ana retiisa lewa la hore ditaba tsena tsa bonkgono di kgalema lenyatso habohloko. Rona rebarunguwa baikokobetsang ka tlasa tataiso le letsoho la dikakapa tse kgolo. Babaholo Batho bao! Reya bahlompha Batho bao! Retsamaya le bona jwang kapa jwang! Retla basebeletsa, jwang kapa jwang! Repheta ditaba tsa bona ka moralo wa bona hore dintho di mathe thekeng la tshwene. Moretheto ona oyapaka hore elefela dimatha thekeng la tshwene. Rona Batshweneng retsoka letheka jwale ka sedikadikwe.

      Raboka dikgomo le manamane! Sabonga izinkomo namankonyana! To venerate the sacrosanct cows of the ancestors! Thokoza Makhosi!
      Zulumathabo Zulu.


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