A Petal of Hibiscus

By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2017

Why are you so ruddy?
The silky skin, so muddy?
Who gave sacrosanct access?
To the beauty of the gods?
The blood of the erudite
To cleanse before extradite
To expunge moral decay
Formidable, like cactus
Ruddy, like the hibiscus
Hereafter, now cleansing

Epidemic weed, choking!
The erudite, now cleansing!
To unpluck weed overgrown
Good seed must germinate
The erudite, like Tosamasiu
Impregnates the ground below
The blackness, like Kemetic
The nutrients, like volcanic
A petal of hibiscus
Formidable like cactus


Hibiscus flower

Contextual Commentary

When the gods of the cosmos looked upon the earth, they were deeply sorrowful because of the excessive and unrelenting moral decay arresting the beloved land below. The mother earth was losing ground with respect to the sacred moral code of the erudite ancestors who have gone before.

Unable to leave the earth to her demise, the erudite and selfless emissary of the cosmos offered to cleanse the sacred ground below. Devoid of a ploughing instrument, she began to plough the ground using her clitoris as a blade while the trapezoidal drum sound maintained the rhythm in the troposphere. The hard ground resisted her interventions but the ensuing blood began to soften, prime and prepare the ground underneath.

When the emissary saw the barren ground showing some green, she was elated and vindicated for ploughing the hard and parched ground while the great medicine animal Thakadi looked on and paid deserved tribute to the gutsy spirit of the emissary. The fragile plant showcased the colours of her sacrificial blood with fidelity as if to thank her and to reassure her that there was an uptake for the object lessons in the great cleansing of the sacred motherland.

The emissary of the gods was satisfied that her mission had been flawlessly completed and well received. The selfless goddess began to return to the erudite ancestors using the misty whirlwind and the thunderbolt to power her transport system to the cosmos via the inter-galactic highways of the heavens. She was satisfied knowing that across many generations the tactical hibiscus will face off and overcome the adverse conditions lying ahead and never to be defined by them.

Published by Zulumathabo

Research Scientist and Director: Madisebo University Research Institute. Metaphysical Scientist; African Philosopher; Software Engineer, Published Author, Inventor, Lexicographer, Intellectual Historian and Contextual Poet.

3 thoughts on “A Petal of Hibiscus

    1. Dear Ipeleng,

      Your positive welcome back is appreciated. Yes, I came out of the jaws of death and very grateful to be born again (given a second life by the ancestors) to complete the mission of producing the sacred pages of the erudite ancestors who have gone before. It is only then that I shall depart hoya dinaleding.

      Reyaleboha ha holo


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