Reverse Engineering The Mind of the Colonizer – Part I

By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2015

The architects of the colonial system are motivated by a desire to take what is not rightfully theirs. The end result is that the native of the land is left dispossessed, disinherited and disempowered. The native of the land is not able to become the master of her destiny as a result of losing ground.

When the architects of colonial rule build any kind of infrastructure in the colonized country, the design goal is not to develop that country but rather to use that infrastructure to transport the natural resources from the colonized country to the colonizing country. For this reason, the infrastructure in the colonized country exists as a Trojan hoarse.

Even after the end of colonial rule, the hidden motivation is to transport the natural resources to the former colonizing country. The relationship between the former colonizer and the former colonized is directed by the MSRM (master servant relationship model). They encourage the former colonized to remain a resource economy. Why is this? Because this is the most profitable relationship between the former colonizer and the former colonized in favour of the former colonizer.

Triangle Model - Helicopter, Caterpillar, Robot

The Triangle model showing three analysis perspectives from the book The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence.

A colonial behaviour requires some serious justification. The colonial architects use organized religion to justify their plundering behaviour. This gives them a moral just cause. They also use English education as a civilizing tool to transform and mesmerize the minds of the colonized. This gives them another moral just cause. In the case of South Africa, the champion of this benign form of colonization was Sir George Grey. He had successfully subdued the warring Maori people of New Zealand using the bible and the English education. The British Empire was so impressed with what Grey had achieved in New Zealand that they pleaded with him and recommended that he be appointed to South Africa’s Cape Colony as a Governor in order for him to duplicate the Maori success in South Africa.

For the colonizers, the church is not just a holy place of worship for the captive audience but it is also a military base where they store weapons of war to carry out surprise attacks against the unsuspecting resisters of colonization. This was the case when a missionary spied on and tracked the regiments of General Mbilini Dlamini ka Mswati on behalf of the British colonial authorities. The missionary eventually got within a striking distance and he shot General Mbilini. Mbilini later died from his gunshot wounds. The missionary was never arrested because he had carried out the mission of death against the African resisters in accordance with the command of the British Colonial Administration. The soldiers of General Mbilini launched a massive manhunt for the missionary. He was eventually tracked down, abducted and taken out of commission.

The Mind of the Colonizer

How does the mind of the colonizer actually work? On the one hand, you profess the Christian faith, the spirit of forgiveness and encourage the African natives to adopt the new faith. On the other hand, you store weapons of war inside church buildings and even shoot unsuspecting natives of the land from inside the church? This cowardly fact is the best kept secret.

In this article Reverse Engineering the Mind of the Colonizer, we have set out to unravel and unpack the mind of the colonizer. How does a predatory system of colonization really work? What is the mind of the colonizer? What are the mechanisms that enable a predatory behaviour of the colonizer against the colonized? How does the former colonized remain mesmerized and bamboozled by the magic of the former colonizer? How is it possible that the  colonizer, despite a brutal history of colonial conquest, was able to cast a hypnotic spell on the colonized so that the colonized almost always defers to and seeks the advice and guidance of the former colonizer in matters pertaining to development, economy, strategy, aesthetics and education?

The Reverse Engineering Tools

In order to reverse and get at the inner workings of the colonial mind, we need some cutting edge tools that will enable us to achieve this. The following is a list of tools that will prove productive in our task.

  1. Black Skin White Masks by Dr. Frantz Fanon (Psychiatrist)
  2. The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation by Dr. Cress Frances Welsing (Psychiatrist)
  3. Yurugu: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior by Dr. Marimba Ani (Anthropologist)
  4. Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics by Dr. Raymond A. Serway (Physicist).
  5. Solid State Chemistry
  6. Solid State Physics
  7. The Triangle Model
  8. Numerical Analysis

About the Reversing Tools

The above mentioned tools cover a wide gamut in terms of knowledge disciplines. They shall be discussed more deeply in another article. In this case it should suffice to say that these tools cover knowledge disciplines such as psychiatry, psycho-analysis, dialectical materialism, genetics, anthropology, physics, chemistry, modeling and numerical analysis. Drawing from these knowledge disciplines, it will be possible to present a clear understanding of the mind of the colonizer and its inner workings. This should assist the future generations to gain an instinctive grasp of why things are the way they are and how they can regain their ability to architect and direct their own destiny.

Access to the Brain

We have no direct access to the design knowledge of the brain. We have no direct access to the design documents of the brain. We were not there when the brain was designed. Given this lack of privileged access to the design knowledge of the brain, we have to find other inventive ways of gaining an epistemic access into the  inner workings of the mind to facilitate our understanding of the brain. This means we must generate our own reference knowledge with respect to the design of the brain structures.

Thus, the brain is a black box to us just like a flight recorder in a plane. The Canadian company xwave for whom I worked as a Senior Software Engineer was formerly known as Software Kinetics and one of their functions was to decode flight recorders. Software Kinetics decoded the flight recorder of the Swissair Flight 111. The Swissair Flight 111 plane was from the US John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York en route to Geneva, Switzerland when it tragically crashed into the Atlantic Ocean of Nova Scotia, Canada in September 1998 where 229 passengers perished. Our company decoded the flight recorder and reported to the aviation authorities in terms of what really happened in that fateful flight.

Decoding a flight recorder requires reverse engineering expertise. Re-engineering legacy systems also requires reverse engineering. I have decoded an encrypted system that contained a malicious code for a government agency. The idea of reverse engineering has always been of great interest to me.

In keeping with the metaphorical logic of a black box,  the mind of the colonizer is like a black box that does not reveal its inner workings. However, we have the superior skills of reversal to uncover and extract those inner workings so that for the first time we can report on the connection between the behaviour and the mind of the colonizer.

By understanding the conniving mind of the colonizer, we are in a better position to understand the current MSRM relations. This is important for us because it gives us the timeline and the historicity of the mind of the colonizer. This knowledge is extremely vital because history is the final arbiter of knowledge. History answers the why questions. Why did the African lose the land? How is the African expected to move on when he does not understand the impact of colonization on his psyche? How can the African move on when the fundamental questions of colonization have not been addressed yet in a fundamental way? How can the African understand and embrace the future when he is still fixated in the past?

The purpose of reverse engineering is to outline the main subsystems that underlie the cryptic system of the colonizing mindset and use graph theory in advanced mathematics to show how the subsystems are interconnected in terms of network, cardinality, arrangement and morphological analysis.

In our case, we are going to use the triangle model as a powerful tool of analysis as outlined in the books The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert and The Philosophy of the Triangle by this author.

In the case of the brain architecture, we are interested in the three subsystems namely (1) reptilian brain, (2) mammalian brain and (3) cortical brain. Our mission in this analytical article is to investigate, establish and isolate the brain system that dominates the mind of the colonizer. We shall later use this analytical knowledge to analyze others like The Mind of the Imperialist.

To Be Continued…

Published by Zulumathabo

Research Scientist and Director: Madisebo University Research Institute. Metaphysical Scientist; African Philosopher; Software Engineer, Published Author, Inventor, Lexicographer, Intellectual Historian and Contextual Poet.

6 thoughts on “Reverse Engineering The Mind of the Colonizer – Part I

  1. Madume, Ntate Zulu!

    Ke batla ho tseba ke hobaneng o re dibuka tsa bo-ramahlale di ka kgona hore re utlwisise ‘kelello tsa bakgetholli?
    Ke utlwa ke sa e fumane hantle taba yeo.
    Le hape ke kopa o hlalose haholwanyane ka mokgwa o nepahetseng wa ho ruta Dipalo mane dikolong. Hoba o itse mokgwa wa ho sebedisa Phupe haholo ha o a loka.

    Kea leboha, mohlomphehi


    1. Ngwaneso ke thabela tse tswang howena. Selemo sesecha le kgapukgapu ya mahlohonolo. Hoya kgahlisa haontse oinwisa ka nkgo ditabeng tsena tsa tsebo ya baholo le bonkgono. Pele ke kaoaraba ke kopa ohlakise lentse la Phupe. Obolela jwang? Lentswe la Phupe le bolela hopatela. Ebe wena o bolelang? Reyaleboha.


      1. Lentswe la Phupe hoya ka tsebo ya ka ke thuto hothweng ke “Algebra” ka senyesemane. Le hape ke ho patela hoba motho o tlameha a fumane “x” eleng yona ntho e patilweng.
        Ke a leboha ka mahlohonolo! Le wena o be le selemo se setjha se tletseng mahlohonolo.


    2. Mohlomphehi Kabelo,

      Relebohela hlakisetso ka lentswe la Phupe. Hareshebisane ka dipotso ya hao maelana le dibuka tsa mahlale le mokgwa wa horuta dipalo dikolong.

      (1) Letoto la dibuka maelana le houtlwisisa kelello ya mohatelli leletle hobane lengotswe ke diqhwelwqhwele tsa thari entsho. Dibuka tsa The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation, Yurugu: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior le Black Skin White Masks dingolwa ke bana ba thari entsho. Batho bana banale kutlwisiso ya kgatelo ekollang methapong ya bona. Thokoza Makhosi! Boramahlale bana baile baipha nako ya hofuputsa, houtlwisisa le hosenola botshwephenene ba kelello, maano le mawa ateng. Ka tsela eo, hobohlokwa hoikamana le mahlale a bona maelana le houtlwisisa masene a kgatello.

      (2) Maelana le horuta dipalo dikolong otshwanela hobala dibuka tsaka tsepedi eleng Sesotho Dictionary of Mathematics le The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence hobane ke jwentsha ha batsi ka mahlale amaAfrika pele makgowa a fihla mona Afrika eka Borwa. Ka bokgutshwanyane nkare:

      (a) Horuta dipalo retshwanela honka maleba hoBasotho ba kgale.
      (b) Retshwanela hosebedisa disebediswa tsa dipalo tsa Basotho ba kgale jwale ka Morabaraba, Diketo, Moruba, Mamkgorong, Kgati le tseding. Disebediswa tsena dile tsa thewa ka sepheyo sa honolofatsa tsebo ya dipalo.
      (c) Sebedisa dibuka tsengotsweng ke diqhweleqhwele tsa thari entsho tse tsebang habatsi le hahebehebe ka dipalo jwalo ka nna.
      Lebella engwe ya dibuka ya dipalo eleng The African Origin of Mathematics selemong sena. Hape, kenale maqephe amang a ngotsweng jwale ka The African Origin of Mathematical Teaching and Learning akao tswelang molemo ka taba ena ya dipalo ka holatela ditsela tsa mahlale akgale a Basotho.

      Selemong sa hofeta keile ka mengwa ke letsholo la Rotary hotla thusa ka hokwetlisa matichere ka Lesotho ka dipalo le ditsela tsa honolofatsa tsebo ena resebedisa botsibi ba Basotho ba kgale ka dipalo. Reile dibakeng tsa Ramabantsa, hara tseding, hokwetlisa. Baile bathabela mokgwa omocha wa honolofatsa le hokwetlisa baithuti ka dipalo. Tseding tsa dibuka tsaka dile tsa sala moo. Thokoza Makhosi! Kedumela ketlabe kele Lesotho hape ka morero oo kgweding ya Hlakubele.

      Ketshepa hona hoaraba dipotso tsa hao. Kgothaletsa babangata hotla bala maqephe ana a halalelang a baholoholo le bonkgono.

      Thokoza Makhosi!


  2. Very instructive. Articles like these should be compulsory reading on this continent. Also our education system needs to have elements of this to help young people’s analytical skills and help them understand themselves in relation to the world. Very important reading, thank you.


    1. Sister Palesa, your positive impressions are appreciated and well received by me. It is our indefatigable aim to give the intellectual fighting sticks to the future generations so that they can own, design and direct their destiny

      Let’s hope the government leadership is reading and watching this space.

      Siyabonga ka khulu. Thokoza Makhosi!


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