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By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2014

Dear Friends of Mother Earth,

This is to announce my new blog Zulumathabo on the Internet 2.0 right here on WordPress. It has been too long since blogging. Please bookmark these pages as I will be updating them from time to time. As I bounce back and overcome setback, I am excited to rejoin the cyberspace where I can share with you the authentic, original and fresh African perspective.

Since departing the great land of Canada where internet connectivity is ubiquitous and universally accessible, here in the humble land of the ancestors the internet connectivity does not command that ubiquity and universality. However, one thing that is amazing is that South Africa is the land of endless sunshine something that Canada does not have. For example, as I write these lines, we are in the middle of winter and yet the sunshine is most brilliant as if we are in the midst of summer. Which country can give you a T-shirt weather in the middle of winter? Only South Africa can give you that.

This version 2.0 blog will provide more insight into my activities particularly the writing of the sacred pages of the ancestors. Besides numerous other books written, the most engaging and exciting project is the new book The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert – African Philosophical Transcendence.

The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert

I will update you on this current work at opportune time. Briefly, this is an innovative writing about transcendence using the African origin of philosophical thought. The premise of the book is to enable every human being to transcend any kind of adverse experience by leveraging the African wisdom of the desert. This new book was inspired by a contextual poem Venturesome Kisses from the books A Goodbye To My Little Troubles and A Woman in the Bush. The contextual commentary from Venturesome Kisses reads as follows:

“Forbidden grounds of love cast their spell. The naivety of love sweetens the love that exists like a desert flower. Deprived of water, the flower waits underground until, when the rains fall, it springs to life knowing that the rain will soon be gone.”

When the desert flower is battered by persistence of water shortage, the drought conditions and the killer sun rays, she rises from the dehydrated ground to embrace the glorious appearing of the falling rain. It is like she has this supernatural power to transcend adversity as if refusing to be defined by it.  Normally, a human becomes fixated on a bad experience to an extent of being defined by it. Even when you interact with a human, you will find that they rehash the same thing over and over as if life now revolves around it. In the The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert – African Philosophical Transcendence a human gets equipped with new intellectual fighting sticks that enable humanity to rise above life’s challenges and thus gain distance away from the things that negate the innermost. Stay tuned and watch this space.

I will also be updating you on my massive book project Sesotho Dictionary of Mathematics – Tlhalosetso Ya Dipalo Tsa Sesotho. This is a project that debunks a popular myth that the African natives had no mathematical knowledge until the advent of the European colonizers. This book was inspired by a small village of Matamong in the Eastern Free State where the African natives commanded an impressive lexicon of numerical knowledge before the advent of colonization. The book boasts more than 500 pages of mathematics text.

Sesotho Dictionary of Mathematics

Thank you for visiting.

Published by Zulumathabo

Research Scientist and Director: Madisebo University Research Institute. Metaphysical Scientist; African Philosopher; Software Engineer, Published Author, Inventor, Lexicographer, Intellectual Historian and Contextual Poet.

7 thoughts on “The New Blog of Zulumathabo on the Internet

    1. The great brother from the great land of Canada. It is heartwarming to receive your feedback. Sorry I only respond now as I had not logged into these pages. I am not feeling great but as soon as I recover I will return to update these pages. Right now, even lifting a pen is painfully laborious. Yikes! Your Zulu is impressive brother! Moreover, language is power! Siyabonga mfowethu. Give my love to the great Canadians. We are in the middle of winter here but South African winter is beautiful since it affords us a brilliant sunshine in the midst of winter; no country can provide such a generous sunshine in winter. Muchas gracias mi amigo. Quiero regresar a Canada!


  1. Zulu, congratulations on this bold step you are now taking, to express eloquently these interpretations from the erudite ancestors of Africa and the diaspora…with your permission, i will join hands and also send through my restless writings…keep going strong… Vusi Mchunu

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    1. The great brother Macingwane. It is a great honour to receive feedback from you. You are definitely a heavyweight organic intellectual and a legendary figure in your own right. Joining me in these sacred pages of the erudite ancestors is heartwarming. You are most welcome to send your “restless writings” to be published on this platform. In this way, we can build a collective intellectual capital so that those coming after us can be able draw from it.

      It’s my philosophical thinking, in accordance with the Basotho axiom “Haethala ethalela mosehlong”. Mothalo is an energized form of bounding or galloping or sprinting. Mosehlo is defined in the Sesotho Dictionary of Mathematics as an axis. An axis can also be defined as a dimension. I am obviously providing an abstract version of the axiom to highlight the fact that when an African spirit is unleashed, it dashes, jumps or sprints towards the gravitational pull of the platform that unleashes the innermost as a mouthpiece on behalf of the erudite ancestors.

      I am looking forward to receiving your first article so that we can build a treasure trove to benefit the future generations. Moreover, this selfless exercise should go a long way towards building a chest of intellectual fighting sticks.

      Sithi makubenjalo Macingwane ka Jama. Injobosizoyithungela ebandla. Banna ba tla tentshana tsheya. Haobe jwalo ka hosafeleng.


  2. What a site, I thank God for Zulumathabo deep knowledge of African philosophy. Both the poem and essays are uplifting.

    Kudos to you Zulumathabo. You are sharper than before and thanks for excellent postings.


    1. Thokoza Makhosi! The accolade is appreciated good brother. We are doing this for the new generations so that they can regain their knowledge of self and understand how we got to the hereafter. Keep on sharing those impressions as you immerse yourself in these sacred pages of the ancestors. I am but a humble vessel that carries the knowledge of those who have gone before us. Thokoza Makhosi!


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